Despite modern slavery not being overly prominent in western luxury tourism, Private Tours Scotland (part of MV Luxury Travel Limited) is still dedicated to taking a robust approach to slavery and human trafficking.

Our team is focused on tackling slavery and making sure are supply chains are 100% free from slavery and human trafficking.

Organisational Structure & Supply Chains
Private Tours Scotland (part of MV Luxury Travel Limited) is a luxury tour operator that delivers 5-star private tours in Scotland.

As a turnkey solution tour company, we work with a broad range of suppliers including hotels, luxury accommodation, chauffeur services, tourist attractions, golf courses, whisky distilleries, and restaurants.

Our organisation currently operates in Scotland.


Relevant Policies
Our people and culture director creates policies and documents that reflect the moral and ethical stance of the organisation. These policies are signed off by the organisations directors Ruaridh Norton & Struan Baird.

Our company has put together the following policies to stop slavery and human trafficking within our industry.


Whistleblowing Policy
Our organisation encourages all employees, suppliers, and customers to flag any issues in the supply chain or direct activities that might be connected to slavery or human trafficking. This includes any suppliers or internal processes that could increase the risk of slavery. All employees and customers are encouraged to speak to their line manager if any potential red flags have been raised.


Employee Handbook
Our employee handbook is provided to all employees on their contractual start date and outlines the ethical and moral codes that make up the backbone of the organisation. The company stringently follows legal and ethical codes when operating abroad with foreign supply chain. Most notably in Ireland which is part of the European Union and operates under different legal guidelines.


Recruitment / Agency workers policy
The company makes sure to only use legitimate and reputable recruitment and employment agencies to source full time and part time workers. The organisation makes sure to investigate the practices of each recruitment agency before hiring.


Due Diligence
Our process for taking on new suppliers and regularly reviewing current suppliers is rigorous. Due diligence is performed through investigating online reviews, personal meetings, and financial research.


Director Approval
This statement was approved by both directors and is annually reviewed.