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    Historic & Castle Tours

    If there is anything richer in its substance than a vintage malt whisky, it is Scotland’s enchanted history. The fight for freedom against English tyranny, the gruelling medieval wars, haunted dungeons, urban transformations, the Scottish Enlightenment, inventions that have shaken the world – Scotland’s history stands as tall as the imperious Scott Monument. History is what defines us but it is the elemental ruins of our beloved Scottish castles that symbolise the complexity of our past.

    Our historic castles have stood the test the time, withstood bloody battles and are now under siege from the relentless onslaught of intrigued tourists. At Private Tours Scotland, we are here to give you a historic tour in opulent comfort of our beloved castles scattered throughout the country. From start to finish, your journey is about indulging in Scottish history with luxurious accommodation and fine dining. We will carry you through this journey in style and comfort, promising to make it a stress-free holiday.

    After you have sent your enquiry, our team will collect all of the relevant information and create a bespoke itinerary based on your preferences. From historic city landmarks to rural coastal castles, our team will create the perfect luxury castle tour that will live just as long in the memory as our castles.

    Iconic Castles in Scotland

    There is a long list of iconic Scottish castles to choose from, due to their historical importance and later use as film and TV locations. Many parts of the hit TV series Outlander were filmed at Scottish castle locations including Doune Castle and Drummond Castle. Due to the wide-spread appeal and influence of Outlander, we have made special itineraries for guests to visit all of the castles used in the TV series. It feels unjust to exclude a number of big names from our shortlist of iconic castles to visit but here are our top three that never fails to take our breath away.

    Edinburgh Castle

    Sitting atop the craggy extinct volcano in the capital’s city centre, Edinburgh Castle steals most of the limelight. It is unquestionably Scotland’s most famous and important castle due to the number of invasions and gruesome wars it has been a part of throughout the centuries. The castle is the city’s iconic symbol and treasure that endears locals and from high up on its cragged throne, no matter the weather.

    Stirling Castle

    Once the residence of the Stewart kings and queens, Stirling Castle revels in its grandeur as it sits atop Castle Hill and against the surrounding Ochil hills. The castle may not be as iconic as Edinburgh’s, but it certainly is as scenic and profound with regards to its history. Being likened to ‘a huge brooch clasping Highlands and Lowlands together,’ Stirling Castle is perhaps revered more for its impressive architecture than its counterparts. Its role as a Royal Palace is hugely significant in Scottish history since many royal dramas have unfolded here with almost every Scottish monarch until the Union of the Crowns in 1604 having either lived, been crowned or died in the castle. 

    Balmoral Castle

    Adorned by Queen Victoria as her ‘Dear paradise in the Highlands,’ Balmoral Castle remains part of the royal family’s property. It has been in their possession since 1852, the story being that Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, were so struck with the Highlands that they sought to reside in a property where they could live in a palace of luxury. Remaining true to its roots, every part of Balmoral Castle accentuates its Victorian Highland personality. When the royal family aren’t in residence, visitors can enjoy exhibitions in the Ballroom, the castle’s largest room, and wander through the charming gardens and grounds.

    Scenic Ruined Castles

    If you are more interested in venturing far back into the oldest corners of this ancient country, then seeing ruined castles will spark your imagination and provoke your interest. Dating as far back as the 14th century, Scotland’s ruined castles hold as much substance in their character as their age. See first hand the ruins that show the imprint of centuries of history in their scarred stones.

    Medieval Castles

    From well preserved medieval fortresses to inspiring cliff-top ruins, medieval castles are perhaps the most romantic due to the magical aura that surrounds them. Most of Scotland’s most iconic castles were built during a period involving treachery, bloody mutilations and beheadings. If you are fascinated by them as much as we are, then you are in for a treat because we can promise you that there is no better way to uncovering Scotland’s historical landscape.